Azuree 40 is a new design developed together by Giovanni Ceccarelli and Paolo Ballerini, a well-known name for projects and manufacturing of sailing yachts in Italy.
These two names unite their experience with a leading brand in Turkey: Sirena Marine. Giovanni Ceccarelli Was born in Ravenna, Italy where he currently lives.
He started designing yachts in the office of his father, who is the designer of more than 1000 EC projects since 1977 to this day. Ceccarelli has an engineering degree from the University of Bologna and has designed many national and international award-winning sailing yachts, as well as designing the motor yacht series for the Carnevali brand.
Giovanni Ceccarelli was the head designer for both Mascalzone Latino, which participated in the America's Cup in 2003, and the +39 in 2007. Being one of the familiar faces of America's Cup organization, the most prestigious event of the sailing world, he has also chaired the Italian Yacht Designers Association for a period.